What to Expect

We built a new website. The old one, good, but dated, was begging us to update. “Too many words” it kept saying. The new one is much more streamlined. In one central space, our builder asked us to provide a picture of “what to expect”, suggesting a picture of one of our offices. Okay, that’s doable. I sent him a handful from which he picked one. I looked at it in the development site and liked it, mostly because it was one of my offices and I really like my offices. A couple of days later Ron and I were driving back from visiting one of our daughters and grand-kids and were discussing the website. I told Ron that I thought “the what to expect” should be a picture of a box of tissues!” We both heartily laughed out loud knowing it “wouldn’t fly”. Seriously though, it isn’t a bad idea. The goal of a new website is to more actively represent the work we do which is mentoring people through their tears and on to Self Acceptance and eventual enhancement. In other words, to be real. What can be more real in a therapists’ office than tissues! So here you go, my favorite shot of what to expect when you come to me for direction in Self Acceptance and Understanding.

So here you go, my favorite shot of what to expect when you come to me for direction in self acceptance and understanding.

All my best,

Dr. Deb


“I will not let you die”.  This is what my inner voice said to me this morning, sweating like an ox in hot yoga.  I was holding the tree pose facing the mirrored wall noticing how curly my hair was in full body sweat when I heard the words.  It isn’t important for me to state why (or how) I was dying.  I knew and so immediately understood the significance of the declaration.  So real the personal battle I didn’t even try to divert my thoughts to alternate queries like “who of my clients need I be strong for today?”  I knew I was speaking with intention, directly to myself.  As I held the sweating pose I dared eye contact, trusting the instructor’s direction to breathe only my own pace, and found myself appreciative that I looked back and willed breath and life.

I stood beside myself this morning and am glad for it.